Monday, December 19, 2011

Raw food. The diet they never told me about. The cure (for countless things) they never told me about. Who are "they?" I'm not sure but whoever they are sure need to uncover the beauty of raw food.

I am in a state of awe and the miracle of raw organic food. The remedy's and whole body health they provide are astounding. 

My newly wed husband and I have begun a raw food journey. It started with being aware that our vegetables are much better for us raw. We are now at about 50% raw diet and moving forward. 

The first practical health benefit both my husband and I experienced from the beginning of our raw food journey is energy. In our 20's (me) and 30"s (him) we should be full of energy, yet we both took naps nearly every day. By the time 5 o'clock rolled around I was ready to go home and take my daily nap before preparing dinner. I am wide awake at 12:02am writing this blog. Before I took a nap around 5:30 and went to bed by 11. Before my husband took a nap daily. Now, my husband might take a nap on Sunday afternoon after watching the game- none during the week. This isn't something we made ourselves do- it's something we realized one day had "just happened."

This is one of the many benefits I have already seen at a 50% raw diet. Oh did I mentionI my husband lost 30 pounds and I lost 9. Neither of us were intentionally trying to lose weight. 

This is a journey worth taking and this is my blog about it. I hope to share practical tips, support and recipes along the way with others interested in allowing the beauty and power of raw food to quietly transform their lives. 

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