Friday, December 23, 2011

So you just eat salad and raw veggies?

As soon as someone finds out I am "going raw" the first response is normally something similar to the title of this post. My answer- not at all! There are countless raw recipes that are fun to make and a delight to eat.  For example- I am about to begin my Christmas treat making. On the menu is Cacao Walnut FudgeChocolate Truffles, Cheesecake, and Taco Meat (it's my families tradition to eat taco's for Christmas). 

A few of my favorite recipe sites/books: For SIMPLE delicious recipes 
-  For interactive videos to walk you step by step through the process as well as lots of great recipe books (I have all the ebooks!)

- Penni Shelton's book "Raw Food Cleanse" has lots of great recipes as well as several levels of cleanses you can do with a blender and a juicer. 

Well friends I have lots of "un-baking" to do so that's all for now. I wanted to give you a few quick resources to find fun raw recipes. You DO NOT have to eat a diet of salad and broccoli in order to incorporate more raw food into your diet. Oh and did I mention the health benefits of dessert including chocolate? More on that next time. Merry Christmas!

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