Saturday, February 25, 2012

Change is a matter of educating yourself

Over the past year my diet has changed dramatically.  Some would call the way I eat "extreme." However, I did not get here by any "extreme" decision- that is, for the most part not in my nature. My diet has morphed by a series of simple choices and a lot of education.

A couple years ago I was a typical "dieter" who ate as healthy as I knew how and always tried to watch calories. I was the queen of lean cuisine and frozen diet dinners. They were simple and what I thought to be healthy. My diet was comprised of about 5-10% whole, raw food. Today my diet is nearly 100% whole, un processed food and high raw. The journey to get here was comprised of one simple, small step at a time.

Some foods I previously ate included, cheese, deli lunch meat, Reese's peanut better cups (this was my favorite guilty pleasure), other processed sugars, cows milk, and lots of processed snacks. Today, these foods are rarely if ever a part of my diet. The process of eliminating foods from my diet was not one of deciding I would never eat it again. Instead, I began educating myself of the things I was ingesting. The more education I received, the more aware I was of the negative effect many things I ate were having on my body and well being. I was also more aware of the things my body needed and benefited from. That's it. A year later my diet is completely different.

I never mustered up a large dose of self will to cut out "bad" foods. I simply educated myself and from there I slowly began migrating toward the foods that were good for me and eating less of the food that was bad for me. If you truly want to change, and you educate yourself, change is nearly inevitable.

I believe this is a healthy and sustainable way to make lifestyle and diet changes. I encourage you to educate yourself well from many sources regarding your diet. Ultimately, the way you eat is your decision, and a decision based on good education is far better than the alternative.

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