Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A peek at the menu in the Hibbitts' House

Hey guys, sorry it's been so long since my last post. I wanted to give you a few of Kris and my favorite meals and snacks. Hope you enjoy. These items frequent out menu. These are some of the recipes I started with as well as some new favorites.

Green Smoothie

This is breakfast almost every day. So far we haven't gotten tiered of it.  

2 C. Frozen fruit
2 Cups Spinach (or green of choice)
1 Cups water (more or less depending on desired consistency).
*If you want it to be sweeter you can add dates or honey.  

Place all ingredients in high speed blender (I use a vita-mix) and blend on high about 30 seconds.

Some other things you might add are: 1 Tbs Coconut oil, Hemp seed (for protein), chia seeds, ice (if fruit isn't frozen), Spirulina (great for your eyes, but go easy on it- strong taste and difficult to digest, 1 tsp in this recipe would be enough) or goji berries (they blend better if you soak first for 15 minutes).

We eat this for a mid morning snack or in the morning if I don't have time to make a smoothie.

Raw Tacos

We eat this on romaine leaves of Ezekiel tortillas (sprouted organice grain- not too pricey. Sprouts, Cupboard and Whole foods all have these). I don't love sour cream, so I don't make the raw version of it (also on the rawtarians sight) but i DO love nacho cheese. I will post recipe for the below. We also enjoy this with salsa and sometimes black olives.

I amend the reciped by using about half the salt and twice the chili powder and cayanne- you can play with the recipie to see what your family likes.

Raw Nacho Cheese DIVINE sauce

I REALLY missed cheese, but no more. This recipe remedies my cheese cravings.

I would start with 1 tsp of salt and add if needed. Nutritional yeast can be found in the bulk section of most health food stores- buy in small amounts, you never use much.

I put this over a cage free egg omlet. We also use as a veggie dip, add to Quinoa and I may try pouring it over zucchini noodles. I might be really edgy and buy some brown rice macorini noodles :) I will probably be trying this over a veggie burger in the near future. (I make veggie burgers in the dehydrator)

Vegan Burritos- This is NOT raw
We are not 100% raw and still eat some cooked veggies, quinoa, beans and occasionally organic grass fed meat or fish.

The other night I was craving some hearty mexican food full of spice and flavor so I came up with this!

Make the cheese sauce above, mix in with cooked Quinoa and a mix of black, kidney and pinto beans. Top with salsa (and in my house Tabasco). You can eat this alone or on an Ezekiel tortilla or in a Romaine leaf. You can also add veggies like cooked onions, raw spinach, bell pepper, tomato, broccoli or black olives.

This is a great healthy option for an incredibly filling hearty meal.

Raw Alfredo:

I use all cashews because they are cheaper (don't get cheated on cashew prices- Sprouts and Whole Food have them for $8.99/lb.) We eat this over brown rice spaghetti noodles or spiralized zucchini (need a spiralizer to do this with out taking a lot of time- About $40)

See earlier post for a list of my favorite salads. The Kale Salad is still my number one choice! 


Oh my, where to begin...

Roasted Cabbage
Cut one head of cabbage into 1/8's. Brush with a combination of 2 tablespoons olive oil and 3 tablespoons lemon juice. Liberally salt and pepper and add favorite spice- I used Mrs. Dash Garlic Herb. Roast in 450 oven about 20-25 minutes (if you sliver you will not need to turn- If you lay the slices down on it's side you will need to turn once).

Curried Cauliflower (not raw- but completely delicious!) is a great site worth browsing. 

Marinated Broccoli

Chop 2 heads of Broccoli in to small pieces and place in mixing bowl. Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and about a tsp of Tamari (soy sauce) and massaged it in to the broccoli. After about 10 minutes the broccoli will be a bit softer and a similar texture to lightly steamed broccoli.

Cucumber Salad (Another great site for browsing) 


Trail Mix: Choice of raw nuts, raisins, goji berries (expensive but a nice treat and you don't need many) or any other dried fruit without added oil or sugar.

Veggies with Hummus, or Almond Butter.
Organic Rice cakes with almond butter (this is not my top choice nutritionally, but it gets the job done if I'm in a hurry).

Benitos (sold at health food stores)-
Again, not the best choice, but it's a good transitional "cheat" if you are about to cave and eat potato chips.

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