Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The power of what you're NOT eating

Wouldn't it be nice to accomplish something great by omission? I'm a driven person, and believe in doing things for the greater good, however, it's a nice break when you can accomplish something by simply not doing something.

I'm often asked questions in reference to what I eat. Do you eat 100% raw? How much cooked food do you eat? What do you eat for lunch? It's time to let the secret out. The secret is what I don't eat! I don't eat processed foods.  Though what I eat has changed greatly in the last year or so, the greater change has been what I do not eat. Processed foods are no longer a large part of my diet. Angela Stokes, who lost 160 pounds eating raw food talks about this "secret" in her free ebook. The less processed foods I consume, the more healthy I am and the better I look and feel.

The number one priority in eating for health, is to eat 100% whole foods. This is not the same as 100% raw. The best foods are whole and organic. If something had to be highly processed or refined- chances are your body has no idea what to do with it and certainly does not retain nutrients from it. A great place to start with your organic shopping list is with the dirty dozen. These are the first items you should transition to buying organically.

How to cut out processed food 101:
1- Buy fruits and vegetables
2- When buying packaged food read the ingredients- they should be items you can identify, pronounce and the list should be short (less than 5 ingredients is a good thing).
3- When buying nuts- buy raw nuts. Nuts already have plenty of flavor and oils, no need for added oil.

Note: Omission of processed foods does not mean deprivation! I still eat brownies, cheesecake, nacho "cheese", Alfredo and much more.  Keep checking the recipe page as I am adding to it weekly.

Give yourself a break and enjoy the benefits of what you're not eating!

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