Monday, January 16, 2012

Raw Thoughts

A note to readers- I will soon be updating the layout of my blog to make it easier to find recipes (esp as I add more :), information etc. In that new layout I will have a place for "Raw Thoughts." This will be a place I share with you the spiritual and "raw" thoughts I have in this food journey. So- here is the first. Hope you enjoy. 


Saturday, January 14th was a sunny surprisingly warm day in North Texas. After being in an office all week I was craving some sunlight and outdoors. Walking in the near by park seemed like the ideal thing to do- so off I went.

My normal walk at this particular park is two laps around the track which has a beautiful pond in the middle and lots of trees (a rare thing to see in the city in North Texas). About half way through the first lap I heard a thought in my head telling me to only walk around the track once today. I argued- why would I only walk around the track once? I quickly realized my Father was trying to have a conversation with His sometimes stubborn daughter. 

This thought…His voice was persistent. So with a resolve to only finish this one lap, I slowed down. Immediately I heard "why did you slow down?" My response was "because, now that I know I only have one lap I want to enjoy what's left of it." He said, "Yes, this is like your life. You only have one. You don't have two. Just like you were rushing through the first lap when you thought you had two, you are rushing through your life focusing on accomplishment and results when I am calling you to notice what is around you. That is where life is- all around you. Yet, too often you are so busy trying to get through life, you don't notice the life I am longing for you to take part in." 

Once I slowed down on my walk, I enjoyed it instead of just trying to check something off my list. I also noticed the plants and life all around me. I wanted to soak it all in because in the winter it's rare that I am outside in warm sunlight. My life has often reflected this. I am not "outside" where life is. Instead I am watching TV or locked in on my next endeavor to accomplish something, or the every day check list- what ever that day's may hold. 

I will take heed to this warning. With His help I will enjoy life and not just plow through. For it is in enjoying Him and all He has made that you discover true life and purpose- not in the check list. 

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